But that was a choice, that was not something that comes from just deciding or just taking it, that’s a choice, and what your clients are going through, your ideal client if you know them well or not now, you will by the end of the day.

They have something that is bothering them, a problem that they need to overcome. And their problem is simply they can’t imagine how they’re going to solve that problem.

They don’t believe they have it in them and they’re scared, they’re frightened, and they need from you the story on how they’re going to do it. And they need to believe that you can help them do it. Okay? And it really comes down to that.

And what I talked about in my talk in London, was something that I really didn’t even understand myself about marketing. Before we made that video, a lot of those videos I made to Peter on that very same day, we’re all about Peter and his biography.

And they didn’t work that well. In fact, they flopped. But this video worked because it wasn’t about anything Peter did that was great, it was about Peter talking about someone Tony Robbins who everyone knows who did something amazing on a tragic day and that’s a powerful story and that really helps a lot of people to just hear that.

That even just reminds me of some things in my life that when I’ve applied this, it’s been awesome, when I haven’t I’ve paid the price.

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