Sales is selling a better future to someone.

And the reason they buy from you is they believe that you can deliver that better future they’re at a pace of pain or they’re at the place of Stacy’s or static area they don’t want to be. And they see a bright future ahead of them, or they see a pain free future ahead of them.

They’re either running for something pleasurable gain or they’re running away from pain or both. And they trust you based on the offer that you came up with yesterday to deliver that. And I think after going over all those offers with all of you, that you’ve developed an ability to deliver that. And what you did, what you became yesterday was Yoda you now, it’s not about you.

You’re now just a little green man. Watching and whispering in people’s ears, it can be better. And here’s how, and here’s a bunch of free stuff. Here’s something for free that will help maybe spur you down your call to adventure, to change. And if you create a bunch of people who just start a journey towards getting better in the area of your life, that you’re helping them with your free offer and none of them come back and pay you.

Are you happy with that? Yes, because you’re, you care about these people because you have empathy for them and you, you hope like Peter, he’s helping hundreds of thousands of people with his video views, and most of them will never pay him. So that’s what you’re doing right now with your free offer. And then you have a paid offer where people are like, wow, that you bird me on this call to adventure and I’m running down this journey and I’m.

It’s awesome, but I’m getting ready to go into the cave. I need to pay, so, okay. Alright fine. I’ve got a package for, you got a solution and some people are going to pay you. So that’s a scary part today, as Herman said, now, I have to figure out how to deliver what they’re paying me for just the funnel map.

So today is where you take the promise of this bright future, and you actually map out a reality. Journey digitally, that people can follow to buy that bright future from you. And then your product has to deliver and all of you can deliver a quality product to your clients. You’ve, you’re helping people, you know, how to help people.

That’s the challenge today is digital storytelling and digital storytelling is fascinating to me because everything I taught a year ago, I believe is almost 80% worthless and everything I’m teaching you today. A year from now, I’ll, I’ll probably consider 80% worthless, but you’re all going to innovate and come up with new ideas and it’s going to cross fertilize between all of you.

And I’ll get much better as a teacher because I’m going to have to keep up with you. But today is about. The hero’s journey actually into the digital world. And, the challenge with the digital world is it has never been, I mean, everyone’s saying this Gary V it’s never been a better time to be in business.

It’s never been a better time to be a content creator. There’s no barriers to entry. Everyone’s a content creator. Everyone’s got a story to tell. Facebook’s made it absolutely easy to do it.

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