This is a guy who’s doing it and he knows it. He knows how to do it.

I’m only doing four, you were doing, like, 14. Man, can you, are you ready for 14, guys, back there? The 25 year old Peter Sage fan, the 35 year old Peter Sage fan, the 35 year old woman Peter Sage fan, you ready for all those?

I don’t even touch that, okay? And this is a picture of someone that I didn’t even know existed, but when I met him, I’m like, “Man, you’re exactly who I was talking to all this time.” This is Silas Lees, I called him out onstage when I talked in London because he’s exactly the age, Robbins, personal growth, little bit jaded but still really positive, all the attributes we picked back in April, exactly.

The only thing about Silas was, he’s not married, but he had a girlfriend, and now he doesn’t, but it’s not that he doesn’t want to, he just hasn’t hit that milestone in life. But most of Peter’s audiences are married.

– I think he has another.

– Oh, he has another girlfriend. Silas is on it, he’s just attracting positive, he’s fighting them off now.

– You said focus on one avatar. Are you looking also at the demographic and size a┬ánumber of people?

When I focus, when I say, “Peter,” we focus intently. Now we go outside of it, but our copy, our messaging, our everything, is that 38 to 42-year-old, very narrow window. And we get 25-year-olds, we get 55-year-olds, and we’re doing Facebook ads for all that group. But we’re only talking to one.

And you get those other people. You’re not going to lose them, and you have 25-year-olds, we had a kid at the Sage Business School, he was 19, he acted like he’s 40 because he was that mature and that on it, okay?

You get those people who are old for their age, you get those people who are young for their age. We’re focusing on men but we still get amazing women like Debbie and Michelle in, because they’re just great at business, but men happen to be, sometimes, usually, a little bit more driven in business, so we just made that choice. We didn’t not allow women into the school. God, that’d be horrible, okay?

But, we just focused on men at that age range because we were talking to them, and everything else is going to flow in. You’re not going to lose them. It’s not like when they pay you money, you gotta send it back.

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