Once you understand the story, your hero is really loving, it can be pretty depressing. 

Understanding your hero and writing their stories. Hard work. Almost no business owners go deep into doing a real strategy, but strategies, the easy part, the hard part is making that strategy a reality with a real plan that is where mapping your hero’s journey comes in.

It turns you hear a story from the abstract to the concrete. How do you actually construct this journey? So your heroes will follow it. You’re almost finished as always, if you don’t finish the video right now, we’ll send you a reminder. We believe this will change everything in your business about how you approach digital marketing.

We’ll offer you an opportunity to get access to more advanced, free content, as well as. Learn more about the story matters, workshop more. So we’ll also give you a chance to speak to one of our advisors and a 45 minute digital strategy review. So enjoy today’s final free lesson of this master class. Once you finish this video, you have the chance to consider investing in your hero’s journey.

In digital marketing today, we’re talking about digital storytelling and over the past two sessions, we’ve, we’ve gone way out there. You’ve all commented on that. You’ve gone way out there into your client. We’re taking your client and where they are, and really identifying where they are. And that was hard.

And a lot of you were commenting to me how draining and you are emotionally after the first day, truly getting inside your clients and congratulations. Most people, most business owners, most marketers, even. Never ever go that deep into their client’s head. Um, because fundamentally you’re in a relationship with your avatar and it’s either a happy relationship.

Or it’s not either you’re happy with it or you’re not, they’re happy with it or they’re not. And you get that. Now, the second piece of the puzzle yesterday was. Wow. Their story’s horrible. Thank God. It can be better because we learned yesterday that all you simply have to do in life to have a better life is start telling yourself a different story and start living it.

And the only reason your avatar is not living that story, that they all wish they could live and they’re telling themselves, or they’re afraid to tell themselves, cause they don’t want to get disappointed that they aren’t living it. The only reason is they don’t see a way to do it. So you understand their story.

Now you understand what story they wish they’re living. Their story. Their living is not how I can buy it? Consulting. That’s not a hero’s journey. Their story that they’re telling is not how I, how can I pay some marketing agency money? Or how do I pick the right marketing agency? Yeah, that’s a mini adventure, but it’s not, that’s not a real hero’s journey.

Their hero’s journey is I want to make more money. So I have financial independence so I can take care of my family. I want to be healthy, lose weight so that I can. Look young again and have better relationships and live to see my grandkids. Those are the big stories. People are telling themselves in every area of your life, five, six, seven different main areas of your life.

You have little stories running and some of those areas you’re in a cave and some of them you’ve broken out. You’re being successful. Some of them are like an initial call to adventure and. It’s different and all these stories are running in parallel. You need to understand as a marketer, as a business owner, what role is my product doing in their overall life?

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