And then they’d all finish saying why they got to West point and I’d say, okay, we all need to stand up.

We’re going to March yourselves, down to vinegar hall where the honor violations are reported and you could get kicked out of the Academy. If you’re found on an honor violation, we’re going to turn ourselves in for lying.

And these are freshmen who just finished basic training and they’re scared of everyone. And I’m this major standing up there saying. All right. You’re a liar. I said, none of you just told me the truth because let’s face it. Some of you here because you know, West Point’s a big significance kind of place.

Some of you are here because your dad was larger than life. And you’re trying to prove that you’re as good as him. Some of you here, cause your older brothers used to hold you down and punch you in the arm. And this is your way to get tough enough to show your brothers that’s who you are. Some of you, your mom’s an ice queen.

So you’re coming to West point because you don’t have to deal with a lot of women here. 88% of the student body was men. You don’t get women. So West point’s a good place to hide. You know, some of you here cause you were abused as a child. You never want to have to take that again. And as I said, these things you’d see a face drop or you’d see people go, Whoa, how did he know.

And my point was simply, and I said, guys, you have this little sound bite that says why you’re doing what you’re doing, but it’s not true. It’s a story.

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