Welcome to Lesson two of the StoryMatters Workshop. This lesson is about finding out “Who is Your Hero?”

Before you can even start to write a story about your ideal client, you have to really understand the hero of your story. By the end of this video, you are going to learn exactly how to connect with your hero on a deep, emotional level. Make sure you turn off all distractions, and focus on this lesson.

It sets the entire foundation for how you can re-imagine digital marketing by understanding your hero. And watch to the very end of the video so you can get instant access to lesson three. Remember, you don’t get access to lesson three until you finish this entire video. 

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I want to really make sure before we get in today’s exercises that you understand the following. Who is your hero? And I’m not calling him your avatar, I’m calling him your hero, for a very specific reason that you’ll see in a little bit.

Who is your hero? Who is your Luke Skywalker, that you guys, that you’re helping, as a business? I’m going to put up some heroes that some of you might know.

The power of avatars. How many of you have seen Sex and the City? How many of you are married to someone who watches Sex and the City?

Sex and the City is a really interesting television show. I have actually never sat through more than, like, 10 minutes of it. But, when I was in New York City, as a tour company, I ran a walking tour company, and the most successful company by far in New York City, for tourers, was when this girl, and everyone called her crazy, started this company called Sex and the City Bus Tours. And she just took a bus, put the Sex and the City logo on it, said, “I’m going to drive you to all the places in Manhattan “like Carrie’s steps,” and all these other places that I don’t know about, but I went on the tour. And the tour was interesting because it was a business trip for me.

I found a girl who came as a date, so I wouldn’t be so awkward, as a guy alone on a Sex and the City tour. But the bus was, I actually kinda regretted the date.

The bus was actually 36 women and three guys. And I didn’t really like my date, so I probably should’ve gone single. But then I would’ve been, I don’t know, answering too many questions about that. So, three guys, all of them came with their dates, all did not look happy to be there.

The first thing the tour guide did when she got on the bus, was she said, “All right, ladies! “How many Carries are on the bus?” Whoo, a bunch of girls raised their hands. How many, no, how many Carries, “How many Charlottes?

A couple raised their hands, but they were soft, because I guess Charlotte doesn’t get too excited about anything. Who’s the other one?

– Samantha. –

Nope, before Samantha.

– Miranda.

They had “How many Mirandas?”

Okay, they’re not that enthusiastic either. And then “How many Samanthas?” There were only two, but they were louder than the rest of them combined.

Every girl on that bus knew who she was, and that movie was designed specifically for women to take the four female sexual archetypes, avatars.

Something kind of important in your life, let’s focus on that, every woman knows which one of the four they are. Some women are like, “Oh, I’m a little bit of this, “but sometimes I like to be Samantha.” But, anyway, that’s why Sex and the City is so powerful.

If you think about movies and television and entertainment, all they really are is a modern form of Greek mythology. It’s people looking for something that is exciting and heroic because they lack that in their life. Most people can’t afford to live in Manhattan. Even if they do live in Manhattan, it’s in a shoebox apartment, not those beautiful apartments that they live in, who knows how they afford it. Mr. Big pays for it, I guess, I don’t know.

No one, really, can live that kind of lifestyle, but these women do because it’s not real. Some do, I mean, a small fraction of people in the world do. And it resonates with people because they understand the story and they understand the avatar instinctively. They don’t know all this theory and marketing stuff I’m talking about, but basically, they resonate with that character. 

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