The third part of today is, what is their story?

Now this is a picture of Carlos, who is from Colombia. Not Colombia, from Venezuela. Who is under Ivona’s care right now and has lost about 18 kilos in the last 30 to 45 days, and he’s got a story.

He has always been fat, even since he was a little kid, even his little kid photos are chubby. Carlos just thinks he’s fat and he can never do anything about it, and he smokes like a chimney and he’s heading towards an early grave, and he knows it.

Carlos came to me about a month and a half ago and said, “Hey, Sam, I want you to coach me “to be an entrepreneur. “I’m willing to pay you, I’ve got this startup, “I want to do it.”

I said, “Carlos, here’s a ticket “to the Sage Business School livestream, “because you don’t need me, you need to figure out your life. “Because you are so self-destructive right now “there’s no way in good conscience “I’m going to help you start a business “that will destroy your life. “I don’t want your money.”

And Carlos went to the Sage Business School livestream, changed his life, and then he comes to me, he’s like, “What do I need to do next?” I said, “You need to handle your health.” And we went through, and I’m not, like, a personal coach or a life coach or anything like that, but I just told him what I knew from what I’ve seen from Peter, and it really helped him.

So I put him in touch with Ivona and Ivona is taking that story that he had about himself and he’s doing some work.

Carlos does not believe he’s changing that now, but he simply does not believe he can lose weight, that he can be healthy. He just thinks it’s genetically impossible, that he’s just doomed to his fate and he’s just going to smoke, drink, do whatever, because life is short. Dance to an early grave. What’s your client’s story?

What you’re going to do today, after you’ve done the empathy map, is you’re going to write it. You’re going to be creative writers this afternoon. You’re going to write it out, and you’re going to read it to each other. And if we have a really good one, maybe you can share with the rest of the group at the end of the day, make us all laugh, cry.

You need to write that, and these three exercises are going to form a book that you’ll have. It’ll be in your Google Drive, you can also print it out. You can paste it all over your wall, whenever you’re working, by your computer, pick a picture for this person, go get a Google Voice number, because you need a new phone number to build another Facebook profile, but I did it.It’s worth it.

Make a Facebook profile for this person. What you do today is the foundation for making your hero have an identity. So those are the three things you have to do, in my opinion, that I’ve always done, and made myself do, to really understand the ideal client.

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