That’s really what Digital Marketing StoryTelling Strategy is all about. And by the end of this workshop, you should be able to do this.

Whether you need to hire a technical person to make the video look great, you definitely want a great looking video, I’ll talk about the value of production quality in a few days here but production quality means nothing without the story. You can do that on your iPhone and it’ll work if the story’s there.

This workshop is all about strategy. We’re not going to get into tactics, we’re not going to get into Facebook ads, we’re not going to get into email copy, we’re not going to get into any of that stuff.

Because if you don’t get the strategy right in a business, you have almost no chance of succeeding. Sometimes you do succeed without a strategy. But if you would’ve had a strategy, you’d be ten times better.

And what is strategy? The strategy really comes down to two things, according to Peter Drucker, business is simply innovation and marketing. Everything else just costs. Sorry accountants.

But the only thing that adds value in business is innovation, which is the product and product or service that solves a problem, a real problem. People buy a better future, the definition of sales is taking someone from their present state to a better future that they believe you can take them to.

That’s all sales is. And you might be lying, you might be a charlatan, but they believed you at the time when they gave you the money that you can take. None of you in there fit this category.

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