Do you give meaning to the bad things in your life, or do you suppress them and not even talk about them taking this back to your avatar?

What are the facts and how are they choosing to use it? Peter talks about this all the time, which is it’s never about what happens to you in life.

It’s about what you choose to do with it. If you understand that your stories are essentially not true, the question is what can your story be? And I would submit to you, your story just has to be useful. Your story is either useful or it’s hurting you. It’s either empowering or it’s not. And when you, when you think about this, your avatar, you all got really depressed yesterday.

Cause you read their story. And you’re dealing with it and you’re like, man, I hate this. I hate to be this person. I feel really sorry for them. I’ve got empathy for them. Well, today the good news is the really good news is it’s. It’s so easy to change your story if you choose to do it. And that is your role as a marketer is to take someone okay.

And show them that they can change their story. You just need to make them believe that you can change their story with the solution that you’re providing.

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