I know all the excuses you’re making. And you and I both know none of those excuses are really true.

I know the story you’re telling yourself about why your business isn’t working.

Your business partner, your wife, all these things and none of that matters. And you know, it’s you. Sales happen in business when you inspire people to invest in a better future. Now you understand the power of story, what you see up there is the original funnel map and the funnel map is what I call the blueprint. It’s the plans. When you know your hero and you know the better future they want and you know exactly what offers you need to give them to get them all the way across, not just starting, but all the way across that bridge. The bridge that doesn’t end, it takes them all the way there. Then it’s about just getting creative and having fun but it has to bring them from point A to point B.

It has to bring them down this chain of beliefs, it has to bring them over the threshold. It has to bring them through the abyss. Those things that you know are ahead of them on their journey. And we’re going to talk about the three phases of a marketing funnel. That’s the ad you just saw, on Facebook, targeting people who’ve never heard of you before so when they click on the ad, they have a link where they can go sign up for his masterclass. Are You Ready to Give Love Another Chance? Tell them about who you are, just so he’s collecting data, to validate his avatar work. Then you go to his first masterclass and recognize that stage. And then people are answering the questions, they’re going in, and this is the page they went to where the first video is going.

We’ve broken the videos up in about 30-minute videos apiece, and that’s how relationships work online.

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