The third thing that we’re going to cover in this workshop day one is your hero.

It’s ALL about your hero and that’s just about empathy that’s the bottom line when you think about your hero you’re the person you’re serving as empathy. Day two is going to be the story we’re just going to talk about the story all day and we’re going to about how to develop the story around your hero and the third day is the digital journey now the digital journey you look up there this is funnel map from my last business and this was a 1.6 million dollar funnel over 16 months that I built and Armando here actually used some pages that were developed basically out of this funnel and how much did you drop your cost per down from 600 to 10 pesos didn’t even coach him.

I didn’t even look at his page as I just said here’s these pages Armando he figured about because Armando is like really advanced he’s got a good team he’s really taken ownership of his marketing and Armando is if some of you are new to really study in your marketing a monitories very advanced. He owns marketing within his own company and he’s been doing it for a while and he was still able to make those kind of gains so imagine if you’re new to this what you can do if you just change a few things and get your funnel map right. 

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