Colonel McMaster was amazing at marketing and selling and telling a story.

But storytelling in great digital marketing starts with empathy.

If you don’t know who you’re talking to you can’t write a great story.

Story wins.

Luke Skywalker the worst cast of actors in history that has the best-selling movie of all time is Star Wars. And I bet a lot of you are here because you like Star Wars. How many of you don’t like Star Wars? I repelled everyone who didn’t like Star Wars have I talked because I talked about Yoda and Luke Skywalker.

And why do we like Star Wars?

We LOVE it because of how it makes us feel.  The amazing thing about Star Wars is in the 70s when it came out America itself was down, they’d you know you’ve had the all kinds of things happening during the Star Wars series you had the Iran hostage crisis, you had the oil embargo stagflation the economy wasn’t growing looked like the Soviets were doing great because oil prices were high, and I like to joke with my cadets when I was teaching history, but I was actually kind of true that Star Wars won the Cold War because Ronald Reagan comes in and he says hey Star Wars so he gets elected president he builds a system named after Star Wars and that scared the Soviet Union they blew their defense budget and went bankrupt. Just it’s story not true, but it’s useful.

We’re going to get into that tomorrow and tomorrow we’re going to go really deep into this aspect of story and storytelling and what it’s useful for and I think you’re going to realize some very interesting things about the stories we tell ourselves and why they are not necessarily true ever.

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