Marketing is NEVER as important as GOOD SERVICE

Marketing is not as important as the service you can never get around bad service.

If you have a bad customer service experience in my opinion eventually you’re going to get caught.

That’s why I don’t like working with businesses that don’t truly add value to people.

For a while they do okay but with the information economy social media those kinds of businesses aren’t lasting very long.

But marketing is about 30 to 40 percent of the equation and marketers have a bad name because people hate being sold to but everyone loves to buy.

People hate to be sold to but they love to buy. So how do you create a situation where people come to you just dying to buy and that’s what that’s the purpose this workshop is if you get it right you understand story people are just going to run to your door I just ask you how can I give you money.

 I didn’t even plan on doing the story guilt. In fact in London I was trying to avoid people because I didn’t want to take in any more clients and if you deliver value and you really have something that resonates with people they’ll ask you how they can work with you.

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