Empathy is putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and really just trying to understand who they are, what their hopes and dreams are, what their fears are, why they’re not where they want to be.

And then you can come up with a solution for them.

And that’s what, the next thing we’re going to learn today after we go over your avatar, the attributes.

I’m going to give a dating analogy here. So you meet a girl, you’re like, you’ve got a list. I want her to look like this, I want her to look like this, blah blah blah, I want her to like reading, traveling, you know, you’ve got this list, a little checklist?

You meet her, the girl of your dreams, but then the next step is actually the really interesting part, which is, understand her. Which is impossible, but, try, and you might get somewhere.

And, the same thing with your ideal client. It’s not enough to just know their attributes, because those are the, there’s two layers to this. There’s the facade, which is their age, their sex, their occupation, where they live, if they’re, you know, we’ll go over that.

But the second part to this is, we’re just going to spend two hours on understanding who they are psychologically. I’m so glad that you all went to Sage Business School because you’ll get into this part. But that’s really what it’s all about, because once you do this exercise, the empathy map, and you really do it well and you get feedback from other people, your sales letters and videos are going to be painfully obvious to you. 

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