We’re going to go over what innovation of marketing.

Marketing is simply empathy.

Why do I have a bald rugby plane looking bad badass American Colonel on there?

Is that guy’s my like a father to me in the US Army I knew him since I was a lieutenant in Germany so that Colonel HR McMaster and Christopher Hickey and those guys were geniuses who saved a lot of lives believe it or not in a war by doing the right thing.

What they did in the military when we would write operations orders the first paragraph was always not about us and what we were doing, but it was all about the enemy, and I was drilled into us. It’s all about your customers, not theme they say don’t draw too many analogies here but it’s not about you it was always about who we’re dealing with.

And that’s where so many people get it wrong as they’ll build a business around the product that they’re personally in love with because they think it makes them look good or significant, but they’ve never bothered to think if they’re helping anyone. And if that person that they’re trying to help even wants their product. So it all starts with your customer first, and that’s empathy. And empathy, we’re going to go really deep into that but empathy is simply caring, listening and taking what you what you hear and writing a story or getting that story out there.

That’s the purpose of empathy is to get that and it’s strange to hear army officers be good at that but these guys Chris Hickey and especially Colonel McMaster is very aggressive figured out how to listen to the local population even sat down and listened to some of the people that we were fighting. And came up with solutions that mean there were peaceful surrenders negotiations avoided a lot of civilian casualties and they were they ran the first successful counterinsurgency campaign in Iraq and if you google Tal AFAR you’ll see a lot of articles on there.

And I was lucky enough to bathe adjutant for Colonel McMaster so Ingot to see all the press come through and see the stories that they wrote about and a lot of a lot of it was marketing.

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