How do you get from where Elon Musk is, where everyone thinks it’s all about him and people are buying into his brand’s story, him personally, and his brand, to actually what he’s selling is the story that people tell themselves. So that’s what we’re gonna talk about in this workshop.

The first thing I’d like to do, is I’m gonna show you a clip of what, right, at the end of the workshop I want you to be able to do. At the end of the workshop, you should be able to go out and make a video like this that talks to your audience, and I’m gonna play it, and this isn’t perfect video, this is one of my earlier works with the current agency, we’ve got a lot better ones in the pipeline, but I just want you to watch it ’cause it makes a lot of points on a lot of levels, and I’ll give you some backstory behind the video after it plays here.
September the 11th, 2001.

A day I’ll never forget. I was in Hawaii at the time, working on a seminar with a gentleman called Anthony Robbins. There were 2,000 people attending this seminar, it was nine days long, and what happened in New York happened at about two o’clock in the morning, local time in Hawaii, so we woke up to the news. We also woke up to the realization that 2,000 people were about to have access to the same story, the same news, and our job as leaders in that seminar was to really try and help people reframe that event so that we could get them into the room and allow Tony to come out and work his magic on explaining, or finding some empowering meaning, as to what it could mean for us.

And as you can imagine, people were distraught, people were angry, people were confused, people were scared, there were so many different reactions. Eventually, when everybody got into the room, the big question was, would the seminar continue? How could it continue? And Tony came out and he gave a masterful job of really trying to reframe meaning in something so terrible. And we shared many stories at that point, but there’s one story that really struck me, and to this day I’ve never forgotten.

In fact, I live my life through a lot of the lessons that I learned on that day, through this story. And it started with a young woman raising her hand, and says, I wanna share something.

She said, I now know the reason why I’m here. She said, two years ago my fiance, at the time, was killed in a car crash. And she said, you know, the meaning I chose to take out of that was meaning most people would take out of that, you know, love doesn’t work. Never get too close to people. Never take anything for granted. Things can get taken away in a heartbeat. Always protect yourself. And she said six months after that, about 18 months before, she met a new guy, and they started dating, but she was very reserved, always kept her distance, always getting over her story, and what had happened to her.

And at one point he’d even discussed wanting to get married, but she wasn’t ready. And then she felt a calling to come to this seminar. He didn’t really approve, he thought it was some sort of cult thing, and therefore they almost had a fallout, but she insisted on coming, and she did. And she says, I now know why I’m here. I just got a breakthrough last night. Last night, we had a comedienne on stage, her name was Kathy Buckley, a very inspiring lady.

And Kathy’s got an interesting story. You know, she was born hard of hearing, but unfortunately, it was misdiagnosed as retarded, and so she was put in a special school, she was never really given any love, care, or attention. And so she grew up very lonely, and when she was in her teenage years, she was sexually abused by her stepfather, and then when she was in her 20’s, she got cancer. In her late 20’s, she got cancer again, and still survived, and then when she was in her 30’s she was lying on a beach, and a lifeguard ran over her face in a 4×4. I mean, you and I think we have problems.

And Kathy epitomized at that time somebody that I call, in victim mode. She was there, letting life happen to her. But at that moment she realized that she had to take life by the horns, and if she was gonna create her life, it had to happen by me, by her, so she stood up and she started to take charge of her life. And she learned that she’d got a gift for making people laugh. You know, she had learned sign language and how to communicate, so she stepped in for a friend at a comedy show one night, and she won a local prize. She went on to go to the regional final, and she won that, and things progressed and she got her own little show, and then she wrote a book, and she became quite successful. And her story and she tells it very funnily, but her story has a really powerful message.

And that’s, you cannot dance through life looking in the rearview mirror. You’re gonna crash, and you’re gonna miss the scenery. You cannot dance into your future with a ball and chain around your leg from the past. That doesn’t work. And this woman stood up on the morning of September 11 and said, when I heard Kathy last night, I realized what I’d been doing the last 18 months. She said, so I ran back to the room, and I called my boyfriend, I said, listen, honey, I got my breakthrough, I knew why I was here, the light bulb just went off.

You know, when I finish this seminar, we’re gonna come home, let’s get married. And she left a message on his voicemail, and he called her back the next day and left a message on her voicemail, from the 104th floor of the World Trade Center. And he said that the building had just been hit, and it was filling up with smoke, and he thought he was gonna die. But if he did die, he wouldn’t really mind, because he just listened to her message, and if that’s what it took to get to where they’re at, he’d die a happy guy.

I listened to that voicemail, and I could hear the people screaming in the corridors. And then the line went dead, and he went down with the building. And then this woman stood up in front of 2,000 people. Now, with every right to turn around and say, hey look, see, this proves I’ve been right for the last two years. You should never get close to people, they can be taken away, everything I’ve been living in victim mode is true. But she didn’t choose to say that.

She chose something else. She got up, and she said, I’ve played that game, I know where that leads, that is a tunnel with no cheese. She said, instead, the meaning I’m gonna take out of this is that I’m gonna live every single day as if it’s my last, I’m gonna squeeze every drop, every ounce of passion, that I can get out of each day, and live my life from that place.

Why? Because if I’d have done that two years ago, I’d have been married by now. And she inspired me and 2,000 other people to take that day, and take that event, and bond together with more passion, with more team spirit, with more commitment to squeezing the most out of life, than we could ever have done in that scenario had we not been inspired. And people still ask me, you know, where were you on 9/11?

And I say, you know, with the number of transformations that we witnessed, with the number of interventions that we were a part of, with the emotional rollercoaster and what could’ve been an ugly caterpillar turning into such a beautiful butterfly, that has to be without doubt one of the most empowering and inspiring days I’ve ever had the privilege of living. And all because the message was so simple. It is never, my friends, what happens to us in life.

It’s always the meaning we choose to give what happens to us, that makes the difference. – It is never what happens to us in life, it is what we choose to do with it that makes a difference. I had the great privilege of being the interviewer for that video, and this video was taken right after Peter became a long-term client of mine, after I’d done a few months of trial marketing for him, and it was all based on the workshop that you’re about to do today. And if I would not have done that workshop, that video would not have been made.

And that video, when we launched it, in April, generated off of, I think a $5,000 or $6,000 ad spend, over $100,000 in sales. On a product that costs 50,000 pounds. We had, I think, one person I think bought it, but a lot of people got on the phone, and took the EMF, the Elite Mentorship Forum, which is a 5,000-pound product. It’s very simple.

There are no gimmicks, there are no flashy things going on at the beginning of the video, it’s just a guy sitting there, talking authentically, about something that matters to the audience that we knew it would matter to. Marketing is really about finding out who you’re trying to help and telling them the story that they need to hear.

We’ve broken the videos up in about 30-minute videos apiece, and that’s how relationships work online.

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