Welcome to lesson three of Story Matters Workshop.

This lesson is about writing your hero story. Once you understand the story, your hero is really loving. It can get pretty depressing. In fact, at our paid workshop in Warsaw, Poland, everyone left that day depressed because they finally felt the pain, their clients, and it was really hard to live in their pain.

We’re going to learn how to fix that. If your hero is living in a depressing story, your job is going to be to help them rewrite that story. You can decide to change their story in an instant. This is what your product or service should be designed to do just like less than one and two, you don’t get access to less than four until you finish this entire lesson.

And of course, we are going to send you reminders. If you don’t finish. Now, we believe this will change everything in your business about how you create your digital marketing campaigns. So we’re not going to be shy about asking you to finish the course. Once you finish the course, you will have an opportunity to get access to more advanced, free content.

As well as learn more about the Story Matters Workshop and more. We’ll also give you a chance to speak to one of our advisors in a 45 minute digital strategy review. So enjoy today’s lesson, you’re almost finished reimagining how you can transform your digital marketing in your business. We’re going to start this session off and yesterday we learned something and what we learned yesterday, yesterday, you learned.

We all have a story. Good thing, I didn’t make you write your own story yesterday. That would have been probably too much for you to handle that it was hard enough for you to handle the story of the person that wasn’t even you, you were feeling their pain and you had to deal with that. So today the big idea is, all stories are a lie.

Yesterday we got attached to this story and I want to, I want to bring you through a thought process here. So hang with me. When I used to teach at West point, we had this honor code that says a cadet will not lie, cheat or steal. So the new cadets would come in and they get trained that summer about how cadets are honorable.

And they’re never going to lie, cheat or steal or else you could get kicked out of the Academy. And we really internalized it and they were very duty. Duty’s a fancy word for guilt and they’re very duty bound to, uh, to. Took it very seriously, morality and a code of professional code of Becky is essential for functioning of a good military.

You have to trust each other. And I would say to the cadets, all right, they were in a horseshoe, just like this reminds me of teaching at West point. And I’d say, get up and introduce yourself. They’d say, tell me why you came to West point. First cadet would get up, say, come to West Point because my grandfather was in the military who went to Vietnam and I looked up to him and I wanted to serve my country. Next one would get up and say, Oh, I came here to play football. I was recruited. The next one would get up and say, you know, I read a lot of history when I was little and I love my country and I want to serve it and they’d all get up and they’d have the reason.

Great reasons, noble things. It was like their elevator pitch for why they came to West point and, and in the United States, people love to talk to a West point graduate. They walk around in their little gray outfits and they’re like little toy soldiers, real life, cuddly toy soldiers you can touch.

And, and everyone there, they’re kind of like mini celebrities. Cause, cause they’re not going to normal college and partying. So they’re quite proud of it. I was certainly when I was a cadet.

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