That’s what we’re going to go over. I’m going to give you an overview here and this resonated really powerfully with me personally ’cause things that I’ve been through my life too.

When you have extreme stress and loss and different things have gone, we’ve all had it. How do you react to it?

I know there have been times in my life where I’ve not reacted well. And because of guys like Tony Robbins who I went to seminars in my early 30’s and even worked with Peter in the last year, I’ve internalized that one whenever anything goes bad in my life, like completely crashed and burned.

I remember writing an email, I had a 100,000 euros of payables due in Poland and I was like, no one believed I was coming back to Poland, I said I’m coming back, I don’t know why I like the country, I think I can do something there. And I knew I had to repay that money. But I came to start over because I liked what I built already and believed I had a future there, I think it’s a huge possibility.

I remember consciously thinking when I was trying to save my business, raise money to save my business. Is that, either way, I’m going to win, one way I’m going to win is that I am going to raise the money. It IS a great story, I’ll have a, I’ve got a big business, it’s over a million a year in revenue, it’s got huge potential, I think we can find investors very nearly did, or I’m going to come back and start over. And it’s going to be awesome. It’s been a hard year but it’s been awesome.

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