Let’s talk about why your marketing is not working.

What I’m about to share with you, I believe is more important than anything else that you can learn about. All these internet marketers are in your newsfeed on Facebook, and they’re showing you the latest tactic, and latest software to buy, and the latest webinar tricks, and latest way to do Facebook. All these things are interesting, and some of them actually work. But what I’d like to tell you tonight is none of that really matters unless you get one thing right. That’s your story. It’s never been easier to get your story out there, and that’s the great news. But because it’s never been easier, it’s never been harder to get people to care. Business owners in the room, this is what you’re doing wrong. You have two choices. You can either do paid traffic or you can do content marketing.

You go to an agency and you say to the agency,

“I need traffic to my website. I’ve paid a lot of money for this website,”


“I’ve spent a lot of my own time trying to figure out a website and I need traffic.”

How many of you have ever paid for traffic and they go to your website and nobody buys? Pretty common frustrating experience for a business owner. Who do you blame?

The website or the traffic agency? You don’t know as a business owner whether the website’s a problem, or you have a bad traffic agency, right? What’s the right traffic?

Should I buy Facebook ads? Google ads? YouTube ads? Which one?

You go to an agency that specializes in Facebook ads. What are they going to tell you? “Of course Facebook ads are good,” right? You go to someone with a hammer and you ask them to help you. What are they going to do? Every problem looks like a nail. They’re just going to hammer on it.

Another agency that has a screwdriver, every problem’s a screwdriver, so they’re going to bring out their screwdriver. You have agencies out there that specialize just in Google traffic because Google is very technical. You have other agencies that specialize just in Facebook traffic because Facebook’s very different than Google. Which one do you go to? You don’t know whether your website’s not working or your agency is incompetent. All you know is you’ve just wasted a bunch of money, and you’re on a marketing budget. Then you go to content marketing, and you see they’re like, “Don’t pay for traffic. That’s stupid. Pay us €3000 a month to get you free traffic.” “When am I going to get this free traffic?” “Oh, it takes six to 12 months.” “Okay, let me pay you €3,000 a month for six to 12 months.”

Then you do that. Sometimes they get you traffic, sometimes they don’t. If they do get your traffic, it doesn’t work. Who do you blame? Almost all businesses fail in their marketing because they have three different agencies telling them three different things, and they can’t figure out who to blame when things don’t work. What are you going to do? If you are a business owner, the one thing you need to remember is you can never outsource your marketing strategy.

You can never outsource your story.

You can never outsource the heart of the matter, which is, who are you trying to help, and what is the story that they need to hear to invest in your product or service?

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