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We can’t wait to help you start your hero’s journey in business and marketing so here’s what you can expect this is a four-part masterclass. Your first lesson on story matters┬áis available for you right now as soon as you watch the entire first lesson you get access to the next lesson and if you don’t watch the first lesson today Doria will send you a reminder tomorrow if you don’t watch tomorrow you get another reminder the next day and so on.

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Hi, it’s Sam Cook here, welcome to lesson one of the Story Matters Workshop.

This lesson is about why story matters. It’s a foundation of everything you learn in the next four lessons.

In this lesson, you’ll learn the three-part strategic framework we use to master digital story.

By the end of the video, you will understand exactly what to expect in the final three lessons but we dive deep into the things you need to master to create a real digital strategy.

Make sure you turn off all distractions and focus on this lesson. It sets the entire foundation for how to reimagine digital marketing and watch to the very end of the video, so you can get instant access to lesson to remember you don’t get access lesson two until you finish the entire video of lesson one.

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We believe this will change your thinking in everything about digital marketing, in your business, so we won’t be shy about tape asking you to finish the course story matters that’s the name of the workshop welcome all of you to this workshop and the reason I named it story matters is all of you are here because you bought into this idea that I gave at the talk in London and also this idea and the tools that I gave that story in marketing is the most important thing and my thesis or my main idea here is that you can get a lot of things wrong in marketing but if you have a good story you can do.

In fact you can do amazing if you get a lot of things right and you have a great story and the companies with a great story are the ones that when they execute everything right that they’re the ones that become global success stories and change the world think about Apple think about Google think about Tesla think about all these brands they have amazing stories.

We’ve broken the videos up in about 30-minute videos apiece, and that’s how relationships work online.

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