We’re going to learn how to show people that it’s easier than they think to change your story.

If you get a new story for them, everything changes. And that is the challenge of marketing is to, is to show people that and. Tomorrow, when we go into digital mapping, it’s going to become even, it becomes so much harder because you have to do it online.

You have to do it in a way that you’re connecting with people throughout their different journey and you have to get their attention. But today we’re going to use something that I think is very powerful, uh, called the hero’s journey construct to take the facts as. Your avatar has laid them out and figured out how to write a better story.

So that’s, that’s really what it’s all about today. We’re going to first look at your avatar, all the work you did yesterday, the empathy map of the story, and we’re just going to break it down and say, how can we rewrite this? What is, what are the elements of the hero’s journey? Um, And really the hero’s journey comes down to a few main points and we’re going to go into this in some more detail, but if you think back to Star Wars, Luke Skywalker has a call to adventure, and initially he refuses the call to adventure.

Then he decides to go after his family’s killed, he goes on that great adventure and that the hero’s journey has 12 elements. And we’ll go into that in detail, but really. The big part of the hero’s journey is the character, which is the hero and the mentor and selecting that mentor. And the mentor is key to the whole thing because without the mentor, the hero doesn’t ever become the hero, because the other big part of the hero’s journey is called going into the cave, and in the abyss.

You have to come out the other side and how do you get through the other side? The only way to get through the other side is with help. And that’s why everyone seeks out mentors in their life. And the hero mentor relationship is absolutely the foundation of the hero’s journey. That’s why Yoda is like the most beloved figure in star Wars.

And, you know, in the first star Wars it was, or in the star Wars series trilogy, and the first star Wars is Obi wan Kenobi. I think as Debbie said earlier, she never had someone like herself as a mentor and she really wishes that she would have had something like that. All of us may or may not have had great mentors in your life.

I used to say, I love the mentor relationship. Cause it’s so pure because a mentor isn’t a mentor because they need it. It’s because they want to give back and they want to contribute. And there’s a difference between someone who’s given you something cause they want something. And there’s a difference between someone who’s given you something just cause they want to contribute and they’re expecting nothing in return.

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