Most marketers give away something and it’s a bait and switch.

And if you don’t give them something back, they don’t give you anymore. And what we need to learn today is how to not just be a marketer, but actually be a true mentor because if you have an empathy map and that’s why I went through the exercise, you really care about this person.

A lot of them, 98% of them knee might never buy from you. And you have to make a decision today. How do I serve that entire ideal client audience as a mentor that truly is, is giving back without an expectation of anything in return. And if someone happens to pay me for it. Great. That’s cool. So that’s the whole purpose of today’s exercise is to understand.

The hero’s journey and the role of the mentor in the hero’s journey. So when you understand this construct, which is the next exercise we’ll be doing, the second session we’re going to do is how to be Yoda. And we’ll have a session where we talk about mentors and how to do that, and how you use that mentor role to inhabit the space in this person’s personal story that allows him to all of a sudden believe in a new story.

The story that they don’t believe is actually possible. And then you show them how to start telling themselves that story, practicing it. They’re going to fall down and fail, fall down and fail. And then some of them might pay you to help them get over that hump, cross the threshold, go through the cave and come out the other side and become the hero in this little mini story in their life that you’re helping them live.

Does that make sense?

So that’s the challenge today. And at the end of it, once we have the mentor or we have the hero’s journey nailed, we have your role as the mentor in that hero’s journey nailed. That’s where you’re going to develop your product. You’re going to show them their free offer, which is you’re giving something away that helps people, even if they don’t pay you.

You’re going to have your paid offer for those people that want to pay you, because they’re so thankful for the help that you gave them. And those are the people you’re going to serve at a deeper level as real mentors, you know, where you have a real relationship with them, kind of like, you know, I’m doing for you guys and online marketing only in this journey in your life.

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