The power of empathy, Andre Chaperon.

Have you guys ever seen those pictures of the marketers in front of a sports car that they don’t own, that they rented for the day, and the mansion that’s their buddy’s, who’s actually a successful businessman?

That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen, because I, you know what that picture says to me?

“Hey, buddy, you’re the obstacle “to my mansion and Ferrari that I’m pretending to have “that I wish I had.” Like, you owe me money because I need to buy this.

That’s basically what that picture and messaging’s saying. And the thing I love about Andre, he’s one of the only guys in the internet marketing space who doesn’t do these, like, car videos and he pulls out in a really nice car that he rented for the day, and act like, he’s so humble, and he absolutely just fanatically cares and authentically loves his clients.

That’s why he’s my mentor. That’s why I pay him, and anything he recommends I buy it. Because I know that Andre cares about me and I don’t think he’s going to abuse that trust. 

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