Elon Musk understands the STORY matters in the success of digital marketing for his TESLA brand.

Let’s talk about Tesla as a prime example of that.

Elon Musk is the most famous entrepreneur in the world since Steve Jobs passed away but Elon Musk is actually brilliant and I’ll tell you later why I think Elon is brilliant but one of the things about Elon is he understands something that most companies don’t which is as famous as he is and he’s got an ego like every crazy entrepreneur.

As famous as he is he understands that story matters in a way that whether it’s intuitively or subconsciously or he knows it he understands the concept that I’m going to teach better than anyone out there: solar panels.

Tesla just unveiled this nice solar roof and Elon Musk has made it beautiful okay if you if you haven’t seen it you should take a look at it and they did a study a few years ago Freakonomics or some economists did a study and they found that homeowners when advised which side of the road to put their solar panel installation no matter if they advise to put it on the back because they’d get more energy efficiency or the front they always chose the front why because they wanted their neighbors to see that they were conscious about the planet.

It wasn’t about wanting to save the planet it was about how looking like you want to save the planet made them feel look at Tesla electric cars weren’t selling very well until Tesla came along why because Tesla is a beautiful car whether or not it’s the electrical car or not it’s an amazing car and it’s a very stylish way of telling people it’s a very stylish and expensive way of telling people I’m rich and I care about the planet and I’m better than you

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