You need to become their mini Yoda out of all the different people they need in their life to be successful.

That’s what I love about mentors, because you can have you think of all the relationships in your life, romantic partners. You can only have one while you can have more, but that creates all kinds of complications and drama.

You probably shouldn’t. Think about that, but there’s a lot of jealousy intention and things like that because of the nature of that relationship friends, you can only have a few and sometimes even friends get jealous about you spending so much time with other friends and they take a lot of energy too, because when a friend gives something, you feel like you need to give back because that’s the nature of friendship.

You’re there for your friend. They’re there for you. Can’t handle that many friendships, same thing, family. I mean, family is just an obligation. You’re given what you got and you have to deal with it. But the cool thing about mentors is mentors. Actually, if you think about a true mentor, they don’t care if you never call them because they’re busy.

But whenever you call them, they love it. They’re happy to hear from me because they’re like, wow, I get to help someone. And they, they just give to you because they’re at that point in their life where they just love to give back.

Mentors are great. They don’t get jealous about other mentors. So you’ve got a romantic relationship mentor. You’ve got a money mentor. You’ve got an online marketing mentor, I guess. I’m that person for the next year. We don’t get jealous of each other. I don’t care about the fact that you go to Peter for big business stuff. I’m your online marketing mentor. Peter’s your business mentor. You’ve got a dating coach. I don’t care. That’s fine. They don’t get jealous of each other.

It’s a pure relationship when the mentor is just happy to hear from you, whatever they get to hear from you for you guys it’s once a week. Or whenever you post in the Facebook group. I really think that as a marketer, you have to switch this thing of how do I get, how do I get from people to, how do I give, how do I become a mentor?

And I just happen to get paid for it. But I mentor way more people, Peter mentors, way more people in line than he gets paid by them. She’s just given away good free content. And a lot of people watch his videos. We see the stats and they never buy, but he doesn’t care. Alright. And you have to take on the idea as I am a mentor.

I am a Yoda from a deep level of I’m going to give. With no expectation of return.

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